Beginner’s Guide to Earning from 91 Club App

91 Club has become one of the top money making apps in India thanks to its easy games and lucrative rewards. If you’re new to 91 Club, this beginner’s guide will help you understand how the app works and how to earn coins as a starter.

Let’s get started!

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Downloading and Signing Up on 91 Club

First, download the 91 Club app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app is free to download and use.

Once installed, open the app and tap on “Register”. You will need to enter your mobile number and create a password.

Make sure to enter a referral code in the invite code field to get free signup bonus (use code “53812183208” to get ₹500 free coins). This will credit free coins to your game wallet once your account is activated.

Playing Games as a Beginner

91 Club offers 75+ simple and fun games across categories like sports, puzzle, casino, combat, action etc. As a beginner, here are some of the easiest games you can start playing:

Fruit Chop

Slide your finger to chop the fruits. This addictive game helps you sharpen reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Bubble Shooter

Aim and shoot bubbles to clear the board. This classic arcade game is super easy and fun.


Roll the dice and move tokens to reach home first. Ludo is a familiar game loved by Indians.

Rocket War

Launch rockets at your opponent’s base to destroy it. This basic combat game is quite engaging.


Guess if the next card will be higher or lower. Hi-Lo is a simple card prediction game based on logic.

These starter games do not require any complex skills. Just play them in free mode initially to get a hang of the rules and understand the gameplay. Once you get comfortable, try competing in paid contests to win big prizes.

How to Earn Coins for Beginners

As a beginner focus on these methods to collect coins:

  • Complete your daily check-in streak to receive free coins everyday
  • Watch ads under Rewards section for more free coins
  • Level up faster to unlock chests containing gold and gems
  • Play free games regularly to get a decent payout
  • Participate in starter contests with low entry fees
  • Refer friends to earn ₹250 per successful referral
  • Take advantage of promo codes and events for free chips

Follow these tips consistently to build your coin balance. Avoid playing high stake games initially.

Beginner Contests to Try

91 Club hosts a variety of contests for users at all levels. As a starter, focus on these contests first:

Starter Contests

These have low entry fees of ₹25-100 and payouts up to ₹5000. Compete with beginners like you to gain experience.

Skill Contests

Test your skills in games like ludo, fruit chop, bubble shooter etc. Top ranks win attractive rewards.

Mini Contests

Short duration contests like best score in 5 minutes provide quick rewards.

Lucky Contests

Get lucky and win big prizes. These have very low entry fees.

Compete in these contests as per your skill level. Analyze your performance to improve.

Common Mistakes Beginners Make

Avoid these common mistakes as a 91 Club starter:

  • Spending all coins on just one game
  • Playing high stakes contests too early
  • Not referring friends for bonus coins
  • Not checking leaderboards before contests
  • Playing too fast without strategy
  • Getting impatient and playing on tilt after losses
  • Not withdrawing earnings frequently

Learn the ropes, play responsibly, use coins wisely, and you will succeed!

Tips to Earn as a Beginner

Follow these pro tips:

  • Distribute coins across multiple games
  • Analyze game stats before contests
  • Practice free modes extensively before paid games
  • Manage bankroll smartly; don’t overspend coins
  • Utilize bonuses and promo codes
  • Withdraw earnings often and save them
  • Don’t get greedy; be disciplined with bankroll

Using these tips, you can ensure steady earnings as a beginner on 91 Club.


I hope this detailed guide gives you a good understanding of how to get started with 91 Club app and maximize your winnings as a starter. Stay disciplined, keep practicing, manage your coins smartly, use contests to gain experience, and grow your profits over time. Happy earning!

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